Web3 Bets

An open-source, decentralised, p2p betting ecosystem, where players bet against other players instead of betting against a bookmaker. It is built on blockchain, and powered by smart contracts.

Our Applications

In traditional betting channels, players bet against bookmakers. But in Web3 Bets, players bet against other players transparently on the blockchain. The implication is that “the bank can never be broken”, there can never be a situation where a player wins and does not get his full reward.

Our applications are still under development!


PariBet Games are decentralized parimutuel/pool betting applications built on the blockchain. A player bets on a specific outcome out of two or more outcomes. All bets of the same side are collected together and placed as a pool. At the end of the event, if the outcome is determined, all the staked values are distributed to the players in the winning pool on a pro rata basis.



Fixed-Odds Games are fixed-odds betting applications. A kind of decentralized betting exchange, where players wagers against odds offered by other players and not by a bookmaker. Any player can lay a bet (that is back an event not to happen), and set the odds (decimal odds), and any other player can bet against it.


Why Web3 Bets?

We utilize Blockchain technology to provide solutions to challenges that bet players face on traditional betting channels.


Players can not bet anonymously in the traditional betting channels, but with on-chain betting, players enjoy the same kind of anonymity that comes with bitcoin or blockchain transactions


Traditional channels collect players' private information, they use this information for many things at their own discretion. On decentralized networks, players' private information remains undisclosed


Data stored on centralized channels are vulnerable to hacks, attacks or manipulation. Once a block is successfully added in a blockchain network, the content of the block remains tamper-proof

No Censorship

Traditional channels can restrict, suspend or even completely delete players’ accounts. Many consistent bet winners have claimed that their accounts were suspended by betting platforms for no reason


In the current centralized scenario, players could say that they feel cheated by the platform. The same cannot be said when game data is transparently added to the blockchain

Token Economy

BXB is the native utility token of the Web3 Bets Ecosystem. It is used to pay vig in the ecosystem. BXB holders earn rewards from winning games and also participate in some governance votes


BNB Smart Chain (BEP20)

Web3 Bets Coin


Total Supply
1,000,000,000 BXB

Token Price
0.001 USD

Initial Market Cap
68,000 USD

Initial Circulating Supply
68,000,000 BXB

Token Allocation

Token Allocation Chart

Token Release Schedule

Token Release Schedule Chart

Token Distribution Summary

Token Distribution Summary Table


Some changes can be applied during development.


1. Quarter 1, 2022

Idea, Conceptualisation and Roadmap

Creation of Whitepaper and Tokenomics

Creating and deploying BXB on BNB Smart Chain network

Launch Website, Telegram, Twitter, Discord, Facebook, Medium, Reddit and Github

Community Building and Promotion

2. Quarter 2, 2022

Token Contract Audit

Seed Sale Rounds

Team KYC Report

Public Sale Rounds

Dex Listing and Token Distribution

Listing on Coinmarketcap

Listing on Coingecko

Testnet PariBet (V1) Launch


3. Quarter 3, 2022

Mainnet PariBet (V1) Launch

Apply for CEX Listing

Testnet Fixed-Odds (V1) Launch

Testnet PariBet (V2) Launch

Mainnet Fixed-Odds (V1) Launch

4. Quarter 4, 2022

Apply for More CEX Listing

Launch Media Campaign

Full Product Launch (PariBet V2 + Fixed-Odds V1)

Blockchain Education and User Acquisition Campaign

Massive Marketing and Ecosystem Growth Campaign


5. Quarter 1, 2023

Proposals and Voting

New Bet Markets

New Roadmap

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